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Specialising in Nutrition and Gut Health Therapeutic Treatment  

Food as Medicine in Functional Gut Health 

Having a passion for nutrition and working with clients to reach maximum health outcomes is extremely rewarding. The rewards can be experienced with all involved, be it the client, the nutritionist, family and friends or even the medical practitioner. This is because when you as the client makes those positive changes those around you can see it, live it and even feel it. 

Often you take your health for granted and then what seems like all of a sudden you decline and start to feel and show the signs and symptoms of poor nutritional health you either listen to your body and seek help or you bury your head and ignore the alarm bells. 

Food can be both harmful and healing,  and with the right foods,  it can heal and have positive outcomes for your health and well-being. Food has a number of very important functions and understanding how certain types of food make you feel not only amazing, it can improve your thinking,  affect your inflammation, aches and pains, your weight, your sleep quality, your fatigue and even your anxiety levels.

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Clinical Psychotherapy and Functional Gut Health 

A Clinical Psychotherapist works with you as a client to initiate positive change to your  thoughts, feelings, and behavior through adaptation. Clinical Psychotherapists are able to provide treatment in individual and group setting. A Clinical Psychotherapist works with you as  the client in a way of talking therapy.


Often if your gut is stressed and not working to its fullest capacity it may well be linked to how you are feeling psychologically. When you are feeling out of sought and your stomach/guts feel 'off' it is more than likely you have an underlying issue that you haven't been able to address. Using the combination of nutrition and psychotherapy has an very effective response rate which means your gut health can improve and your overall health and well-being can be drastically improved for the better.   

How can you get the most out of psychotherapy?

  • Be honest with your therapist. You need to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences honestly.

  • Be an active participant in the therapy. Therapy works best as a partnership: you need to do the work.

  • Put in the time. If you have homework, make this part of your daily routine. It may be difficult in the beginning, but a new habit takes up to three months to feel routine.

  • If it's not working, consider a different approach. Talk to your therapist about whether a different psychotherapy approach may be more beneficial for you.

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Gut Directed Hypnotherapy

Gut directed hypnotherapy has been one of the most researched areas of hypnotherapy in recent times since the early 1980's. The founder of gut directed hypnotherapy Professor of Gastroenterology, Prof Peter Whorwell is well respected in his field especially for his pioneering work with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Over the last 30 year Whorwell and his research has shown the long term benefits of hypnotherapy and most of all hypnotherapy directed at the gut. 

According to a study conducted by Prof Whorwell and colleagues, they found:

1. 83% of those who had a positive treatment outcome were well after 1-5 years
2. 59% were taking no medication
3. 42% that were on medication were taking them less often.
4. 79% consulted their GP/hospital consultant less often or not at all.
5. 49% consulted their GP less often about other symptoms.

If you would like to find out more about Gut Directed Hypnotherapy see the resource tab for the latest medical research. Alternatively, contact Lou at Lighter4Life for your free consultation

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