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In today’s world we often find we have so much to hand from foods, entertainment, lifestyles and more.  It’s at this point people often lose sight of what is healthy living and healthy lifestyles.


The food we eat influences our brain, mood and overall mental health and well-being.  Lighter4Life focuses on supporting a whole of health approach when it comes to functional nutrition and wellness, right through to brain function by addressing the relationship between diet, neurological and cognitive function.


In the past I had been a smoker, weighed 20kgs more and suffered with a medical condition called Endometriosis. It wasn't until I went on to study Nutrition followed by Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy that I was able to have the skills to get my health and wellness where it needed to be. 


I will work with you to give you tools and techniques to bridge the gaps to create a unique individual healthy living plan to suit your lifestyle which you are able to implement immediately. We will work on your personal goals and motivation should it be weight loss or weight management, managing a dietary condition, or developing a healthy relationship with food & body image.


All of Lighter4Life’s programs are designed to educate, innovate and empower our clients to live a balanced and happy life. A life centered around eating to nourish our bodies as well as how to improve our mental well-being.

Through Clinical Nutrition, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy I will work with you to empower your change to break free from unhealthy habits and unwanted weight to gain freedom in Health, Mind & Body


Weight Management

Lighter4Life’s weight loss programs in uses evidence based nutritional principles and concepts chosen to help you achieve your goals.


Using the combination of Psychotherapy and healthy eating approaches means the success rate of achieving and maintaining your outcomes is far greater than other approaches to short term weight loss.


Having an option to undertake Hypnotherapy for weight loss increases your outcomes for weight loss when combined with the Healthy Lifestyle program. This wrap around  approach to weight loss is what makes this program,  as well as its individuals, one of the most successful, sustainable and scientifically proven fat reducing programs available today.



Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome a wide range of issues that are stopping you from moving forward such as Managing IBS, Pain Management, Weight Loss, Achieving Goals, Sleep Issues, Fears and Phobias,  Quit Smoking, , Low-Self-Esteem, Anxiety and Depression 


Hypnotherapy may assist you in reaching your goal and achieving success. Hypnosis is a proven method that uses the power of your subconscious mind and your imagination to ease the changes you want to your life.


If you’re ready to embrace some changes then it’s time for you to take the next steps to overcome your problem.


Workshops & Online


Lighter4Life offers both Nutrition Seminars and Healthy Cooking Workshops. These are highly interactive and dynamic.

As a qualified Nutritionist a program can be developed to suit your requirements. Whether you would like a “Lunch and Learn” demonstration or a full day workshop looking at getting your balance right.


Lighter4Life also delivers a series of 8 or 10 nutritional community focused workshops. These workshops build on the successful model of ‘bite-sized’ nutritional concepts and themes.

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Lou Patchitt, RNutr

Bachelor of Science Nutrition (Honours) (Govt. Accredited)

      Food as Medicine: Food and Inflammation (Govt. Accredited)

      Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (Govt. Accredited) 

      Irritable Bowel Syndrome Hypnosis Certificate  

OldPain2Go® Certified Practitioner 

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